Appomattox Craft Undeniable Distorted Pop, Mixing Overdriven Keyboards, Clave Rhythms And Walls Of Vocal Harmonies On New EP 3Against2 Out July 23

June 12, 2013- Melding sharp, undeniable hooks with complex, bouncy rhythms, a Dischord-y angular crunch and a new focus on vocal harmonies, Brooklyn’s Appomattox have refined their distorted pop sound on new EP 3Against2, out July 23.  Tales of corrupt lobbyists are mixed with songs that deal in more personal politics, creating what the band dubs “political love songs.”  An urgency runs through 3Against2, giving each track a propulsion and energy that begs for repeated listens and makes Appomattox a fierce live act.

Listen to the 3Against2 standout “Radiator” here:

“United” opens the EP with distorted keyboard stabs as the tale of a young politician finding out from a lobbyist just how easy it is to get rich by working together unfolds. “Self Destructed” brings the tempo down a bit, but the vocal harmonies, distorted keyboards and hooks remain.  With sparkling vocals harmonies and a galloping rhythm, “Radiator” is a pop song on speed.  “Yr Soul” is an up-tempo gem closing in a hail of distortion.   “See Ya” is another keyboard led track, with a propulsive beat and a chorus and series of harmonized “do do do’s” that worm their way into your brain.

“One of the best live shows in town” (Deli NYC), Appomattox are made up of Nick Gaynier (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Dave Nurmi (bass, vocals) and James Mello (drums, vocals).  With the 3/2 clave pattern – typically used in Afro-Cuban music - at the base of all the songs on the EP, the band create a distinctive sound by mixing in distorted keys, a lockstep rhythm section, inescapable hooks and  two and three-part vocal harmonies.  Recording most of the EP in a less time-sensitive recording environment with engineer Ryan Steele (except for “Radiator” which was recorded with Josh Ascalon at RAD Studios), the band was able to focus on the huge vocal sounds that were in Gaynier’s head, owing a debt to artists like The Beatles, Queen, ELO and Marvin Gaye. 

For more information on Appomattox, please contact Rob Krauser ( at REK Room Media, 917.703.8361.