Becca Stevens Shines Light On Plight Of Albino Children in Tanzania In Stunning, Haunting “Queen Mab” Video

Standout From New Album Regina, Out March 24th On GroundUP Music

Watch The “Queen Mab” Music Video Here

February 24, 2017 – With a striking music video, Becca Stevens is shining a light on the plight of albino children in Sub-Saharan Africa, specifically in Tanzania, where many albinos have been killed so that their body parts can be sold for medicinal use in witchcraft. Directed by Damian Weilers and filmed in Tanzania, the video for “Queen Mab,” a standout on Stevens’ new album Regina (out March 24th on GroundUP Music), depicts a day in the life of both a young albino boy and a witch doctor. As night closes in, the lives of the video’s two protagonists appear to be on a tragic collision course.

“This video paints a portrait of a boy’s life with his father, while shedding light on the dark reality that he faces as an albino in Tanzania,” says Stevens. “Besides being rejected, ostracized, and persecuted due to superstitious beliefs, albinos in many areas of Sub-Saharan Africa live in fear of being hunted and killed, their body parts sold to witch doctors and others who believe they have healing properties. This nightmare is a closely guarded reality that continues to threaten the lives of albinos in Tanzania. Authorities insist that this problem no longer exists, but the locals tell a very different story. There are still large numbers of albino children in hiding, and many compounds in Tanzania for albino children that as of recently are no longer allowed to be visited.”

Proceeds from the sale of the “Queen Mab” single will be donated to organizations providing protection, healthcare, and educational services for albino children around the world.  You can read more about the children's plight in a story from The Atlantic.

NPR Music says "Queen Mab", Becca's reinterpretation of Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, “tangles beauty with terror in a way that would give Shakespeare the shivers.” WNYC Soundcheck says "comparisons to Kate Bush might be facile, but they’re also inevitable with a song that sounds as lush and loopy as this."

Regina, her first release on GroundUP Music, also marks the first time Stevens has recorded solely under her own name, instead of as the Becca Stevens Band. Produced by Troy Miller, Regina features creative and performance collaborations with Snarky Puppy’s Michael League, Jacob Collier, Laura Mvula, and the legendary David Crosby.

With Regina, Stevens has undertaken a journey that began with a study of Queen Elizabeth I. This expanded into tributes to various queens from history, literature, folklore, and her own imagination, to songs inspired by the regal and divine, and finally to Regina as a voice, like a trusted friend or muse.


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