Music Duo BIG DATA Hack Your Facebook In “Dangerous” Interactive FACEHAWK Video

Director And Interactive Artist Rajeev Basu Creates Unprecedented Interactive Music Video To Turn HTML Code Into Graphics For Animation On The Fly

August 19, 2013 - Big Data, the electronic music duo of producer Alan Wilkis and Joywave’s Daniel Armbruster, and Rajeev Basu, the director and interactive artist whose work “can irk or delight you, depending on your temperament” (VICE), have collaborated on an innovative and unprecedented interactive music video for Big Data’s “Dangerous” that rips apart your personal Facebook page to create a giant Facehawk in front of your eyes.

Set to the thick, rubbery bass groove and slightly paranoid lyrics of Big Data’s “Dangerous,” Facehawk is an interactive music video that uses the very latest in web tech to blow up your Facebook account and turn it into your own personal Facehawk.  It is the first interactive video to turn HTML code like Facebook statuses into graphics for animation, on the fly. 

Use Facehawk here: 

Basu, who created, produced and directed Facehawk, worked with a creative team across the USA, UK and The Netherlands.  Chandler Prall, who says he “only found out this was possible a week before we started the project,” is the creative coder and Jordy van den Nieuwendijk created art for the video.

Facehawk was inspired by the idea behind Big Data’s “Dangerous,” from their new EP 1.0 (out September 24th), which comments on the growing voyeurism in the digital age.  People are watching while being watched, tracked and recorded.  And Facehawk brings this new paradigm to life by tapping into the world’s most used tool for watching – Facebook. 

“I hope it reminds people of how much information they put out there every single day,” says Basu.  “And how as much as we like seeing what everyone else is up to, we forget that there are just as many people you know, and don’t know, watching you back.”

"We regularly engage with the Internet in a seemingly innocuous manner, and yet there is a certain lingering terror behind the fact that all of our online behavior is being recorded and monitored at all times,” says Big Data’s Wilkis.  “Musically with 'Dangerous,' we wanted to straddle that line between playfulness and paranoia. What Jeeves and his team have built with Facehawk has perfectly expanded on this concept beyond our wildest imagination."

Released as a single last week,  “Dangerous” climbed to #1 on the Hype Machine Popular charts with 80,000+ plays and 4,000+ ‘hearts’ to date. 

What People Are Saying About “Dangerous”:

All Thing Go

Indie Shuffle

Listen Before You Buy

Hilly Dilly

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Facehawk is built specially for Google Chrome, using the Canvas API, three.js and Facebook OpenGraph, as well as Soundcloud integration and SVG. 


For more information on Big Data, please contact Rob Krauser ( at REK Room Media, 917.703.8361.