Big Data Knows Someone Is Watching On Paranoid Pop Of New Single “Dangerous”

August 14, 2013 – When you’re on the Internet, someone is always watching.  Over a thick, rubbery bass groove, that’s the message Big Data is sending via their new single “Dangerous.”  The duo of producer Alan Wilkis and Joywave’s Daniel Armbruster have crafted a highly danceable piece of paranoid pop that warns against the growing dangers of internet voyeurism.  “Dangerous” is from Big Data’s debut EP 1.0, out September 24th.

"We regularly engage with the Internet in a seemingly innocuous manner, and yet there is a certain lingering terror behind the fact that all of our online behavior is being recorded and monitored at all times,” says Big Data’s Wilkis.  “Musically with 'Dangerous,' we wanted to straddle that line between playfulness and paranoia.”

“Dangerous” was “a resounding nomination” for Indie Shuffle’s “Song of the Day,” listen here:

Wilkis and Armbruster met in 2012, and their first collaboration came in the form of “Old-Fashioned Girl,” from Wilkis’ PRINTS project.  They wrote together so effortlessly that they decided to create Big Data.  Over the course of the next several months, the duo set about writing what would eventually become 1.0. With Armbruster based in Rochester, NY and Wilkis in Brooklyn, NY, the duo exchanged ideas and instrumental snippets over the web until song structures and melodies began to materialize.  They would then plan lyric-writing and vocal recording sessions at Wilkis’ Brooklyn studio whenever Armbruster was in town with Joywave.

Both Wilkis and Armbruster have had an exceptional year thus far with their respective projects outside of Big Data.  Joywave has reached #1 on the Hype Machine popular chart three times since April 2013 for their 88888 mixtape and single “Tongues,” and Wilkis recently reached #2 on the Hype Machine chart for his collaboration with Childish Gambino, “More Than Normal.”  In addition to his solo work, Wilkis has crafted remixes for artists that include Yeasayer, RJD2, The Joy Formidable, Phantogram and Phoenix.


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