Cale Tyson’s Stripped-Down, Raw narcissist EP Out February 1, 2019 

“Turns away from country influences and toward Harry Nilsson, Elliott Smith and early Bright Eyes.” -NPR Music

Listen to “not healthy anymore” here

December 14, 2018 – Recorded in three days in the bedroom of his home in Nashville, Cale Tyson’s new narcissist EP is a departure for the singer and songwriter. Out February 1st, narcissist is sonically stripped down, with Tyson layering his own vocals on top of each other (with the exception of Spacebomb Records’ Jackie Cohen lending background vocals to one song). Lyrically the album is stripped down as well, but in a different way. Tyson’s lyrics are incredibly vulnerable, focused on the end of a relationship, but also on the aimless anxiety that often arises in your 20’s. The lyrics on the album are razor sharp, and often Tyson points the scalpel at himself.

First single “not healthy anymore” will be released digitally today, and NPR Music says it’s “one of four mesmerizing new songs from narcissist. The song brings to mind his Harry Nilsson's classic ‘Without You,’ with the artist digging honestly and brutally into his own psyche.” Stream via Spotify here.

"The album is tied to a very specific time/feeling in my life,” says Tyson. “It feels honest - like probably too honest. Each song was written and recorded on the same day in my bedroom at my Nashville home. They’re not perfect. I like this stripped-down, raw direction because it allows me to convey exactly what I want to convey, void of any distraction. It just feels like I’m pulling my heart out of my chest and saying 'here you go.' I don’t know if it’ll speak to everyone, but it speaks to me right now. A lot. I’m still expressing myself. more brutally than ever."

The four song EP consists of three original tracks – “not healthy anymore,” “red blooded fools” (featuring Jackie Cohen) and “shouldn’t tell u” – plus a Thad Kopec remix of “what doesn’t kill you.” Tyson released the original version of “what doesn’t kill you” as a stand-alone single earlier this year.

Through one full-length album and two EP’s that pull from Country and Americana, Tyson has gained fan and critical kudos from outlets like Rolling Stone, Noisey, NPR Music and more. narcissist finds him following his muse and stepping away from the sound of his earlier work, revealing an artist not hung up on creating the kind of music people might be expecting to hear from him.


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