narcissist EP From “Superlative Songwriter” (Nashville Scene) Cale Tyson Out Today

Nashville singer and songwriter Cale Tyson’s new narcissist EP is out today. It’s a gorgeous collection of razor sharp, dangerously honest songs.

Recorded in three days in the bedroom of his home in Nashville, the EP is a departure for Tyson.  It’s sonically stripped down, with sparse instrumentation that shines a light on Tyson’s incredibly vulnerable lyrics. The songs on narcissist are focused on the end of a relationship, but also on the aimless anxiety that often arises in your 20’s. The lyrics are razor sharp, and often Tyson points the scalpel at himself.

Here’s what we’ve been hearing:

“A look at anxiety and depression from the inside that conjured other songwriting heroes like Elliot Smith and Conor Oberst.”

-Nashville Scene

“Turns away from country influences and toward Harry Nilsson, Elliott Smith and early Bright Eyes.”

-NPR Music

“This bedroom recording trades the old-world twang of Cale Tyson’s past for something more evocative of Elliott Smith’s dark, depressed ballads...most striking selling point is its ability to make loneliness sound lovely.”

-Rolling Stone