GRAMMY + Latin GRAMMY Nominee Céu Celebrates A Decade In Music With Career-Spanning Live, Out October 2nd On Six Degrees Records

Watch A Performance Of “Malemolência” Here

September 15, 2015 – Four-time GRAMMY/Latin GRAMMY nominee and international star Céu will release her first-ever, career-spanning live album, simply title Live, on October 2 on Six Degrees Records. The performances captured on the album come from a show the beloved Brazilian performed in her home neighborhood in São Paulo, creating a brilliant journey through her first three albums. Live comes at a perfect juncture in Céu’s career, as she is currently in the studio working on her fourth full-length album. 

“The fans here in Brazil were always asking for a live show,” says Céu of the performance, which took place at the Centro Cultural Rio Verde in the center of the Vila Madalena neighborhood. “I wanted a place that captures the proximity and has the aesthetics of Caravana Sereia Bloom. Cozy, you know? I wanted the audience to feel as if they were watching in their home, feeling as if they were a part of the performance.”

Live is as much about the band as it is about Céu herself. Determined to not merely replicate her records, the musician’s input makes this record a complete group effort. “I like to see the musicians from the band having ideas and exchanging material,” she says. “It means that they are involved with the work.”

Céu’s third album Caravana Sereia Bloom provides the live album with the opening ‘Falta De Ar.’ She switches between English and Portuguese during the slow, melodic intro before the drums and bass kick into tempo—and the singer is off and running. She stays in her sweet spot, between high energy and subdued & seductive—the sound that made her a star when Six Degrees released her debut worldwide in partnership with Starbuck’s Hear Music label—for the entire hour-plus of music. New guitar and keyboard textures are added to one of her few English-language songs, ‘Streets Bloom,’ without losing a bit of the sing-along, dubby vibe of the original.

While she replicated the blueprint of her Caravana tour for this performance, Céu used this opportunity to reinvigorate older material as well. ‘Malemolência,’ from her self-titled debut, is a mid-tempo gem of a song, where Céu effortlessly glides across language to create gorgeous harmonies. The band comes alive during a cover of Pepeu Gomes’s hit, ‘Mil e Uma Noites de Amor,’ which Céu has never recorded before. “It is a song that I simply love,” she says, “It’s part of my life. The way Pepeu plays the guitar is brilliant and so Brazilian. We started to perform it for a festival in Recife and never stopped.”

Now that her first three albums have been captured live, Céu is excited to return to the studio. While she’s not certain which musical direction she’ll be heading in, one thing is for sure: “What I know for now is that I am going back to the beats. Not just acoustic drums.”


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