Charlie Faye Debuts Gorgeous New Video For “What’s So Special,” Gains Comparisons To Mann + Merchant Via Austin Chronicle

August 27, 2013- Shot with hazy, burnt auburn tones, the new video for Charlie Faye’s “What’s So Special” perfectly captures the breezy, Laurel Canyon-esque vibe of the standout track from Faye’s new album You Were Fine, You Weren’t Even Lonely.  The song and video both glow like an especially memorable California sunset.  You Were Fine, You Weren’t Even Lonely has spent the past three weeks in the Americana Radio top 20, sitting at number 18 this week.

Watch “What’s So Special” here:

In a recent review, the Austin Chronicle praised Faye and the new album, saying “You Were Fine never wavers into pity or maudlin tropes, but instead presents the kaleidoscope of emotional refractions in the clear-eyed, defiant torch tradition of Aimee Mann and quiet power of Natalie Merchant.”

Here’s what others have been saying about Faye and the new album:

“Aching and intriguing.”

-CMT Edge

 “Does find a way to make heartbreak beautiful.”

-American Songwriter

“Spins delicate Americana with traces of Stax-inspired soul.”

-Austin Chronicle

The majority of You Were Fine, You Weren’t Even Lonely was recorded at the home studio of Jay Bellerose and Jen Condos in Los Angeles.  The relaxed atmosphere provided time for home cooked meals instead of an eye on how much studio time was left. This resulted in some of the most emotionally honest songs of Faye’s career.  Bellerose and Condos’ suggestion that they record everything live gives the songs an organic, lived-in feel.  And the ace band assembled around Faye – Bellerose on drums, Condos on bass, Mike Thompson on keys, Sexton and Greg Leisz on guitar – buoys the songs and lends the album cohesiveness.

Lyrically the new album explores the inner-workings of relationships, specifically the fissures that were forming in Faye’s at the time.  She was on the tail end of a long relationship with her writing partner Will Sexton as they were creating the album. Many of the songs proved eye-opening, unwittingly foreshadowing a split that had yet to occur.  


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