“Still 100-percent pure Red Dirt, still a little rough around the edges” – hear Cody Canada and the Departed’s “Unglued” via The Boot

Cody Canada and the Departed’s new album 3 will be released on June 29th, and today The Boot premieres the track “Unglued.” The Boot says “the project will invokes plenty of nostalgia for fans of Canada's former band, Cross Canadian Ragweed. Still 100-percent pure Red Dirt, still a little rough around the edges, 3 reflects a maturity in both sound and lyricism honed over Canada's 25-plus years in Texas' vibrant music scene.”

Listen to “Unglued” here.

Rolling Stone Country says the new music “sounds like vintage Canada, recalling the early 2000s when Ragweed was at the height of its powers.” Saving Country Music included 3 in their latest “most anticipated albums” round-up, saying the album “shines a light on the core ingredients of the band’s sound. There’s plenty of amplified crunch, Red Dirt twang, roadhouse-worthy guitar riffs, story-based songwriting, and the familiar rasp of Canada‘s voice.”

The band's first record as a lean power trio, 3 shines a light on the core ingredients of The Departed’s sound. Working with producer Mike McClure, the band tracked their new material during breaks in an otherwise busy touring schedule, approaching the recording sessions the same way they'd approach a live show.

It's been a quarter century since Canada kicked off his career. A road warrior and prolific songwriter, Canada was the frontman of Cross Canadian Ragweed, a wildly influential band that dominated the Red Dirt scene for more than a decade, and made music that reached far beyond the genre's borders, selling millions of albums and playing for huge audiences across the U.S. Canada formed the Departed in 2011. With 3, he nods to his former band's glory days, brewing up a sound that's inspired by outlaw country icons of the 1970s and rock bands of the 1990s.