“A Track (Or Pilgrimage) To Get Lost In” (Refinery29), Watch Courtney Hartman Record “Hollow” From Her Solo Debut Out June 14

Courtney Hartman recorded most of her stunning solo debut Ready Reckoner at Figure8 studio in Brooklyn, NY, including the exquisite track “Hollow.” While she recorded it in Brooklyn, Courtney wrote the song while walking the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile pilgrimage route across Spain. Refinery29 says of the track, “there's something about her vocal performance here that reflects that idea — it's her voice alone, no harmonies or guide vocals, creating a haunting sound. This is a track (or pilgrimage) to get lost in.”

Watch a live performance of Courtney recording the song in Figure8 – backed by a band that features Ethan Jodziewicz (upright bass), Jason Burger (drums, percussion), Sam Reider (piano, keys), Russell Durham (string arrangements, violin, viola) and Colin Stokes (cello)  - here. The video was shot by Souki Mehdaoui.

“Hollow” is a track whose title traces back to Courtney's recent fascination with the concept of resonance. “The definition is perfect: ‘a resounding from the sides of a hollow instrument of music; a sound returned,’” Courtney says. “This whole record comes from a hollowing-out within myself—from being quiet and learning to listen again, allowing space for a resonance.”

In the process of creating Ready Reckoner, Courtney worked in collaboration with co-producer Shahzad Ismaily (a composer and multi-instrumentalist known for his work with Lou Reed and Tom Waits) and assembled a close-knit community of musicians, including a number of her friends as well as renowned guitarist Bill Frisell. Recorded mainly at Figure8 in Brooklyn, NY and mixed by Tucker Martine (Neko Case, My Morning Jacket), Ready Reckoner unfolds in extraordinarily detailed textures, a nuanced yet wholly unpredictable sound equally given to moments of hushed simplicity, improvisatory freedom, and flashes of symphonic splendor.