“Clear, Forceful And Slightly Brooding,” The Wild Honey Pie Premieres New Dead Heart Bloom Track “Montreal”

Listen Here: http://www.thewildhoneypie.com/dead-heart-bloom-release-enigmatic-new-track-stream/

July 2, 2013- The Wild Honey Pie has premiered “Montreal,” a new song from NYC-based trio Dead Heart Bloom, one of ten new tracks produced by Mercury Rev’s Carlos Anthony Molina.  As The Wild Honey Pie says in their write-up, “the track begins dark and simple with a guitar and a drum beat. Soon, these basic elements are joined by Boris Skalsky’s deep vocals to create something clear, forceful and slightly brooding. After 45 seconds of this magic, though, there’s a sea change, and ‘Montreal’ bursts into an animated, synth driven chorus.” 

NYC fans will be able to hear more of Dead Heart Bloom’s new material when the band plays Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 on July 17th.

Listen to “Montreal” here:


The band consists of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Boris Skalsky, guitarist Paul Wood and drummer Jason Molina.  In addition to “Montreal,” standouts from the new material include: “Strange Ideas,” which features gorgeous harmonies and melodies, all wrapped in fuzzed out guitars; “Wide Awake and Dreaming,” with a slow build that ends up sonically mimicking what it would feel like to be snapped out of deep slumber by jet engines.

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