Kneebody’s Nate Wood Is A Proggy Cyborg One-Man Band With Solo Project fOUR, Debut X.IT Out July 27th

Playing Nublu Residency in NYC in July and August

Watch live performance of “Frozen Head” here

July 2, 2018 – Kneebody’s Nate Wood will release X.IT, the debut album from his ambitious solo project fOUR, on July 27th. With fOUR, Wood plays everything — analog synths, drums and bass, while sometimes adding vocals — at the same time. As well,  he’s recording every song in one pass with no overdubs, click track or pre-recorded backing tracks. “That’s why it’s called fOUR, because it’s me with four limbs playing four instruments at once,” says Wood.

Musically, fOUR veers from complex, space-y prog rock to electronic-tinged instrumentals. The project certainly touches upon all aspects of Wood’s career (jazz, improv, rock, singer-songwriter) and influences (long-time favorite Aphex Twin in particular).

fOUR operates under a unique philosophy. Says Wood: “Technology now is so amazing, you can make a perfectly edited record on an iPhone. So I wanted to strip away all the tools and crutches of modern music, get rid of laptops and keep it raw. I think it makes for a richer experience in the long run.”

Lyrically, fOUR finds Wood disaffected by the current political climate and pondering the technology of today and tomorrow — twice, he muses on the idea of cryo-freezing (including one from a rabbit’s point of view, its genesis an actual news story). Elsewhere, he ponders building a ship to leave Earth. “This is certainly a different perspective,” he says. “My songs here are less about myself and more tech based.”

fOUR will play a residency run at NYC’s Nublu in July and August, with shows on July 11, July 25, August 1 and August 22. Wood will also take fOUR to L.A. for a show on August 10th at the Lounge Room, opening for Louis Cole (KNOWER) album release show.


For more information on fOUR, please contact Rob Krauser at REK Room Media, or 917.703.8361.