Watch fOUR (Kneebody’s Nate Wood) “redefining the role” of the one-man band in a WBGO The Checkout session

Kneebody’s Nate Wood will release his debut as fOUR, X.IT, this Friday, July 27th. With fOUR, Wood plays everything — analog synths, drums and bass, while sometimes adding vocals — at the same time. As well, he’s recorded every song in one pass with no overdubs, click track or pre-recorded backing tracks.

Nate recently taped a session for WBGO The Checkout, who say:

“To put it simply, fOUR is a one-band band. But where some multitasking artists have recorded themselves playing an array of instruments in the studio (see Prince), and others have adapted sampling technology to their routine, allowing them to play a variety of sounds onstage (see Jacob Collier), Wood is redefining the role today. In his four-limbed, ten-fingered live experiment, he manages to play the drum kit, electric bass and keyboards, sometimes while also singing, all in one take.”

Watch Nate perform album standout “Rabbit” at WBGO here, and watch him give a tutorial of how he performs as fOUR here.

fOUR is in the middle of a residency at NYC’s Nublu, with shows on August 1 and August 22 remaining. Nate will also take fOUR to L.A. for a show on August 10th at the Lounge Room, opening for Louis Cole (KNOWER) album release show.