“A Mix Of Scuzzy Rock & Roll Riffing, Screeching Fiddle And An Outlaw Streak” (Rolling Stone Country), More Praise For New Hellbound Glory Album

October 17, 2017 - Hellbound Glory’s new Shooter Jennings’-produced album Pinball, the band’s first in six years, is receiving a range of critical praise upon it’s release this past Friday on Jennings Black Country Rock label. Hellbound Glory mastermind Leroy Virgil spoke to Rolling Stone Country about the new album and the yearlong bender that inspired it. Read the feature here.

Hellbound Glory is one of the most revered names in underground country. Distilled of equal parts melody and bar-room-thump – “think of them as evoking the energy of the wildest party Waylon, Willie and Bocephus ever had” (L.A. Weekly) - the Reno, NV-based band is the brainchild of Virgil. They’re not afraid to spew some gleeful nihilism on songs like "Vandalism Spree", "Sun Valley Blues #3 (Bloodweiser)" and the title track, but it’s not all hard drugs, hard living and recklessness. Virgil is also able to drop an emotional gut-punch by looking at the other side of a wild life on songs like "Empty Bottles," “Delta Dawn” and "Another Bender Might Break Me."

Here’s what else we’ve been hearing about Hellbound Glory and Pinball:

“Pinball is a continuation of the band’s rowdy prior efforts, with a clear evolution both sonically and lyrically. Tracks like ‘Empty Bottles’ show a more vulnerable side of Hellbound Glory and make for a nuanced listening experience.”

-American Songwriter

"The songs on Pinball are unruly, peopled by characters on crime sprees, gun lovers and those with an affinity for lots of drugs and alcohol."

-Rolling Stone Country

“Scumbags need heroes too, and people to sing about their lives uninhibited by the uptight norms that keep country music a space apart from the reality that some find themselves living amongst. Leroy Virgil and Hellbound Glory are those heroes.”

-Saving Country Music

“[On ‘Empty Bottles’] Virgil’s heartfelt lyrics and vocals match well with Jennings’ studio magic.”

-Wide Open Country

“’Pinball’ is a high-energy song about a wasted (in the inebriated sense) night out — and the aftermath the next morning. The song features a foot-stomping beat and fast-paced melody, accented by pinball machine-like noises that add a fun touch.”
-The Boot

“The songs, though – excepting a couple of covers – are vintage Leroy Virgil: benders, binges, breakups and blues, with the occasional jaded comic’s view of society at large. “

-Farce The Music

“He is a modern day road warrior and prophet of heartache and hurt in a form that most anybody could relate to.”

-Gary Hayes Country

“Leroy Virgil has the perfect country voice and it sounds as good as it did on Damaged Goods. In some cases, even better.”




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