“Keep Your Eye Out For This One” – Saving Country Music Calls Jaime Wyatt’s Felony Blues One Of 2017’s Most Anticipated Albums

January 3, 2017 - Saving Country Music has included Jaime Wyatt’s new album Felony Blues (out February 24th on Forty Below Records) in their preview of 2017’s most anticipated releases, making a special note to “keep your eye out for this one.”

Stream first single “Wishing Well” here.

Felony Blues, whose title is a nod to records like David Allan Coe’s Penitentiary Blues, is largel an autobiographical collection of convict love stories, prison songs, and honky-tonk laments.  Jaime is a striking figure with an old soul and a voice like a force of nature. Regardless of genre, the Los Angeles-based artist is a dynamic performer, who sails naturally between vintage ‘60s and ‘70s country/rock ’n’ soul anthems and heartfelt country ballads of love and corruption.

Jaime got a record deal at the age of 17, with multiple soundtracks and movie placements, but after a second deal went down the tubes, she developed a drug problem. She got busted for robbing her dealer and took a plea deal for eight months in jail, a felony strike, six months of treatment and three years felony probation. “I stayed out of trouble most the time in jail, by singing songs for people and making them laugh,” says Jaime.


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