Julie Feeney’s “Mesmerizing” (WSJ) Magical Confection Of Sheer Happiness, “Dear John,” Draws Inspiration From A Family Love Story

April 30, 2013 - Julie Feeney’s “mesmerizing” (Wall Street Journal) “Dear John,” a standout on her new album Clocks (out June 18 on mittens), is a magical confection of sheer happiness telling the story of her grandparents moonlit bike rides through Galway’s country side.   A deft mix of floor-stomps, harp, background whispers, electric bass, keyboards, violin, viola, cello, double bass, Julie’s unique voice and her composers ear, the song tells the story of Nora and John Feeney, who in the 1920’s would wait for a moonlit night to cycle to the nearest house for a rendezvous.  

Listen here: http://on.wsj.com/105tfFc

For Feeney, the song is also a personal reflection of how we live today and a celebration of her upbringing in the Galway countryside.  As Feeney says, “it's also a celebration of beauty, of waiting, of simplicity and of the magic of basic human experiences, like walking at night in Galway countryside or riding a bike.  Today there's a high value on instant access of experiences, communication and information and an expectation of instant access to everything when we want it and where we want it.  With ‘Dear John,’ I took a step back from that to revel in this particular beauty that is so familiar to me from growing up in the countryside in Galway.  My own magical memories peer through sensations of the memories of my forefathers.”

Written, composed, arranged, conducted and orchestrated by the “brainy, adventurous” (NY Times) Feeney, Clocks is the result of countless hours researching her family history in Galway (her family is at least 6 generations Galwegian), and she uses the history of her family to provide deeper meaning to her beautiful, fanciful songs.  “With this album, I am merely channeling, echoing and reiterating the feelings of the generations that came before me,” says Feeney. “The spirit and motivations in the songs are those of my forefathers.  Our lives are completely different but the emotions are exactly the same.”

Feeney is currently composing the libretto and score of her first opera, BIRD, which will premiere later this year.  She’ll also headline Joe’s Pub in New York City on June 12th.


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