Lera Lynn Wins Praise From NY Times + Rolling Stone, Talks To NPR About New Album Resistor

Praise for Lera Lynn and her new album Resistor continues to roll in.  Of a recent NYC show, the New York Times says “the heat is in lyrics about desire, pain, betrayal and revenge….the cool is in languorous slow tempos, minor chords, ruthlessly laconic arrangements, guitar lines swathed in reverb and a voice that smolders a long time before it flares up.”

Rolling Stone says Resistor is “at once spacey and specific…Baritone guitars, keyboards and looped drums fill the background, while Lynn's voice — a natural descendent of Hope Sandoval and Margo Timmins' woozy wails — wafts into the spotlight, singing songs that occupy the outer limits of Americana and indie rock.”

Lera also recently spoke to NPR Weekend Edition about the album. Listen to the interview here.

Lynn will head to the UK, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands at the end of the month for a three-week tour before a North American tour in July. Full list of tour dates here.

You can also watch a live version of Resistor standout “Drive” here.

Here’s what else press are saying about Lera and Resistor:

“Lynn has a gift for sensory subtlety, and she uses it to get at emotional truths” -NPR Music

“The Texas native’s delivery…is alternately delicate and menacing, vulnerable and moody.” -Paste

“Filling Lynn’s remarkable compositions with exactly enough sound to create an atmosphere for the songs. In some places, they toy with rhythm, in others they tease out the spaces between notes, and in others still, the emphasis is Lynn’s vocal – so completely unique that I can’t think of a single comparison. “ -No Depression

“[Prefers] to push boundaries and create challenging often unsettling music that encourages multiple spins to reveal its substantial pleasures.” -American Songwriter