Saul Conrad Allows Beauty To Grow From Dissonance On Dazzling, Challenging New Album The Fancy, Out September 17th

The Fancy Will Be Released On Mountain of Leopards, “One Of The More Intriguing Additions To Boston’s Music Scene” (Boston Globe)

July 9, 2013- Saul Conrad will release his sophomore album The Fancy, a challenging album that rewards multiple listens, on September 17th via Mountain of Leopards, in partnership with Cavity Search Records.  Repurposing ideals from sometimes disparate styles – folk, classical, jazz, blues, country, psychedelic and noise – Conrad is unafraid to allow songs to devolve into cacophonous, occasionally nasty sonic conflict before finding a beautifully melodic denouement.  The songs on The Fancy are built around complex chords and exceptionally long melodies, allowing them room to develop a wide emotional arc.  Like a constantly evolving conversation between multiple people, songs on The Fancy progress in a variety of ways.  One moment, three or four overlapping sounds within a song will create a gnarled dissonance, only to have parts and voices drop out, with the leftover sounds resolving in a beautiful melody or refrain.

Conrad was deeply influenced by Mahler’s 10th symphony while recording The Fancy, specifically, as he explains “the idea of allowing overlapping, polyphonic melodies to exist simultaneously and undiminished for fairly long periods in the music, and then to have most of them fade to make room for a dominant melody to take over.”

Watch the surreal video for “Fever” here:

Read the Boston Globe feature on Conrad and Mountain of Leopards, “one of the more intriguing additions to Boston’s music scene,” here:

Conrad comes from an extremely musical family.  His great uncle is the renowned classical pianist Claude Frank, and music has been at the core of his life since he was a boy.  Steeped in classical piano throughout his childhood, moving from “The Skater” to Beethoven sonatas, in his teens Conrad was introduced to rock & roll and jazz by friend and longtime collaborator Xan Aird (The Virgins), who also plays on The Fancy.  Nowadays, Conrad’s influences range from Mahler to Gram Parsons to Syd Barrett.

The Fancy was recorded at Mountain of Leopards headquarters in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston.  Conrad produced the album with Jason Bitner.  In addition to Aird on guitar and drums, the album features Katie Schecter on backing vocals, Max Comaskey on bass, Viktoria Tcherterchian on violin, Dimitar Petkov on Viola, Kett Lee on Cello and Justin Stanley on French Horn.


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