Through Fresh Inspirations, Collaborations And New Roles, Niyaz Make Bold Statement With The Fourth Light, Out March 23RD On Six Degrees Records

February 11, 2015 - Niyaz have taken a significant new step with The Fourth Light, out March 23rd on Six Degrees Records, finding fresh inspirations, collaborators and new roles. At the center of the album is Rabia Al Basri, the first female Sufi mystic and poet. Born in the 8th century in what is now Iraq, she served as the main source of inspiration for the music on the album. The duo – lead singer, co-composer and co-producer Azam Ali and co-writer/instrumentalist Loga R. Torkian - also worked with GRAMMY-nominated mixer Damian Taylor (Bjork, The Killers, Arcade Fire), who aided in achieving a more dynamic, expansive sound for the album. And in a distinct change for Niyaz, Ali programmed all the beats on the album, a role she took on for the first time. All of this has resulted in an album full of exotic rhythms, outstanding acoustic performances and the bewitching melancholy of Ali's voice, all seamlessly blended into a production of richly textured arrangements, sweeping choruses and electronic beats.

Watch a stunning teaser for The Fourth Light featuring the track “Tam E Eshq (The Taste of Love)” here. The video also serves as a sneak peek for the ambitious live show Niyaz are working on, which will use non-linear visual projections and motion tracking of the all the performers synced with the music. 

"It was a tremendous challenge to take on what is generally a very masculine role,” Ali says of the programming and production work. “People know me as a singer, not an electronic musician, and there was an initial fear that I would not be taken seriously. Once I freed myself up mentally from that self-imposed limitation, I discovered a whole new world inside myself, a world that led me to my greatest personal triumph on this album, which was transcending the role that had come to define me simply as a singer."

Ali’s new programming role, as well as the influence of Rabia Al Basri very much make The Fourth Light a record rooted in feminism. Al Basri is recognized as a saint, having set forth the doctrine of Divine Love and non-duality, which today lie at the heart of Sufi mysticism. Though her role continues to be diminished in value because she was a woman, it bears great significance in today’s modern world. As Ali explains, "Rabia's struggles even in the 8th century remain quite relevant to our time, when women continue to strive to rise above the status of inferiority placed upon them by many patriarchal societies around the world."

The Fourth Light follows three successful releases from Niyaz, album’s that topped the iTunes World music and CMJ World music charts, helping build a loyal following all over the world. Ali’s voice has been heard in some of Hollywood’s biggest film and television scores including 300, Thor: The Dark World, Homeland and The Borgias.

Niyaz will embark on U.S. tour dates in May, for a full list head to:


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