Ottoman Turks Wild-Eyed, Kinetic Rock & Roll Debut Out August 23rd On State Fair Records 

Produced by John Pedigo (Old 97’s, Joshua Ray Walker, Vandoliers) 

Watch raucous video for first single “Glass Bottles” here 

June 28, 2019 – The sound of the Dallas, TX rock & roll outfit Ottoman Turks lunges, leaps, claws and crawls. Sharp chords and bloozy riffs backed by artillery percussion. Wry lyrics, memorable choruses sung loud, often with close harmony. It's the type of band that would make Swami John Reis grin. They’ll release their own brand of rock & roll mayhem with their self-titled debut on August 23rd via State Fair Records.

The Turks have been a band for a decade – starting with lead singer and songwriter Nathan Mongol Wells writing songs in the bathroom of his parents’ house before graduating to full band practice in the garage. As it so often does though, life got in the way of the band recording music. After nearly calling it quits following a disastrous show in 2017, the band was invited to play a new DFW-area venue and came away feeling as though they had just torn through the best show they’d ever played. A show at Dallas’ historic Granada Theatre followed soon after.

With the help of producer John Pedigo (Old 97’s, Joshua Ray Walker, Vandoliers), Ottoman Turks settled into State Fair Records studio and created their self-titled debut. Clocking in at a little over 30-minutes, the 12 song set is an embodiment of the raucous energy and enthusiasm that four life-long friends bring to their music. From the strutting nihilism of album opener “Apathy” to the rollicking country punk of first single “Glass Bottles” to the thrashing chorus of album closer “Mas Amigos,” the Turks pour themselves into their songs and performances.

Ottoman Turks is a testament to ten years of being friends in a band together,” says Wells. “The songs cut across all of those years. They tell stories of every relationship I’ve had since the band started. The songs are very significant to me, and have grown along with us. And I may have written all the songs on the album, but we’ve all injected ourselves into each song over all this time to make them what they are. There are elements of that history in every track.”

Ottoman Turks are:

Paul Hinojo - Drums

Billy Law - Bass/Vocals

Joshua Ray Walker - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Nathan Mongol Wells - Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals


For more information on Ottoman Turks, please contact Rob Krauser at REK Room Media, or 917.703.8361.